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out there and try to keep us in the game and do a good job. i haven't done that yet this postseason. it will be nice to go out there and throw better for us. >> madison's a gamer. looking forward to seeing him play. looking forward to playing behind him. and we're excited. >> i feel good about madison. he's done a great job for us since he's been up here. including postseason. and it's a small sample on a couple hiccups he had earlier. i think he's getting some much needed rest and time to work on making a couple adjustments in his delivery. >> ball gartner has more of a legacy to live up to than just good pitching. the giants starters -- they'll be trying to help their teammates in more ways than one. >>> it was magical, pablo sandoval's history making night. two of his bats were sent right to the baseball hall of fame for posterit posterity. lauren scott goes behind the scenes with the man from major league baseball who's responsible for making sure all of that memorabilia is the real thing. >> getting your hands on memorabilia and collectibles is one thing, acquiring game used it
valley historian michael malone met us where there used to be an orchard. >> a key part of my childhood was watching one orchard after another being knocked down. and it's sort of sad that we're still doing it. >> the retailers want to be here. so this is what is going to happen with these last sites that are left. >> reporter: and developer daniel taxon was able to find out what is on his way here. >> target is the next big retailer, and safeway. and then followed by many other retailers like starbucks, marshals, ulta cosmetics, and approximately 2,000 apartment units. >> reporter: which brings us to the second ground zero malone spoke of. back in the late 1970s, the site became a target of lawsuits because of toxic waste. >> especially toxic pollution of the groundwater from all the nasty chemicals being used to make these disc drives and chips, and to clean them and wash them off. >> reporter: and now a new development? perhaps this is the beginning of something here. and we will keep you posted on what goes on there. construction is set to start in early 2013. i contacted
suspended that play. scott reiss with comcast sportsnet joins us on the phone right now from st. louis. scott, what is happening right now that we're under this rain delay? >> well, jeff, you pretty much summed it up. the rain has been coming down in buckets consistently for it looks like a better part of an hour now. but as you said, all indications are that within the next 15 or 20 minutes, the system is going to be roll right through here and be gone. we may not see another drop the rest of the night. that's the good news. we'll get back to baseball hopefully within the hour. the not so good news when we do get back to it, the giants find themselves down 3-1 bottom of the seventh and scotland yardnals are still batting with runners on second and third. and matt cain was pulled just prior to the rain delay. so his night is done regardless. giants have to mount a comeback or else they'll face a deficit. weather permitting, during the 6:00 newscast, and certainly at 11:00. for now live in st. louis, i'm scott reiss for nbc bay area news. raj, let's get it back to you. >> okay, thank yo
the fans. they came out. they showed us how it feels right here in oakland. and we're very appreciative. it was simply amazing. >> i dreamed all this week, and even a couple of weeks ago. i always believed we could do it. you know, when we left texas, it was going to be tough. but i still kept believing. and it's just -- in front of the home crowd, and awesome crowd out here today. it's just -- it's unbelievable feeling right now. just feel the energy out here. it's crazy. >> reporter: and after the champagne celebration is complete in the clubhouse, the a's will get out the suitcases. they are hitting the road to start off the play-offs. but they don't know who they will be playing or where they'll be going. i don't think it matters to anyone suiting up in the green and gold. they're just happy to be in the 2012 play-off season. guys? >> kate we can tell you were part of the celebration. your hair drenched in champagne. thank you so much, live from oakland. and congrats again to the a's, a.l. west champions. the bay area is celebrating what has turned out to be a magical season. you ca
their faces shot and killed him. he was in his 30s, married with a child. a friend tells us he doesn't understand why he would be targeted considering he wasn't in a gang himself. >> we were just hanging out. no gangbangers involved. there was nobody that gang bangs here. no colors whatsoever. we're just outside bbqing and all you hear is about three to four guys that were outside cooking, running for the house, and all you hear is shots fired, shots fired. the guy that had the shot runs into the house, dropped to the floor. >> another man was murdered in downtown san jose around 8:30 last night. police responded to a fight on second street near san fernando. they found the victim unconscious, he then died at the scene. no arrests have been made in either crime. >>> a prominent civil rights attorney is calling for a federal takeover of the oakland police department tonight as the city grapples with another wave of violence. john burris confirmed he and several other civil rights attorneys plan to file a request by midnight, asking a federal judge to appoint an independent receiver to
are just joining us, good evening. welcome back. i am diane dwyer. giants' fever in the bay area. the team prepares for plateothe playoff against st. louis. we are joined now from at & t park. monte, tickets are a touch hard to come by? >> well, diane, that's right. there are tickets available you. cannot get them here at the giants' box office. you have to go online. as you guessed that will cost you. i heard from communications manager at stubhub, and there are 4,000 tickets aavailable on site for tomorrow's game at at & t park. tickets start at $120 each. those are for standing room tickets. if you want to sit down you will have to pay $140. and on the higher end, good seats are going for more than $1,000. and for monday, i'm told there is still about 7,000 tickets available online. and that same price range. >> tomorrow is a big day for us. we got tickets for the 49ers game in the morning. we are hoping, didn't get the tickets yet for the baseball game. but we are pretty sure we are getting them tonight. >> the giants victory is no doubt going to translate into big business for bars, r
systems we will have seen in months looks to impact us next week. >> thanks so much, jeff. a heated court battle led to the release of thousands of files today from the boy scouts of america outlining decades of abuse. boy scouts fought to keep the files private arguing a confidential list encourages more whistle-blowers to come forward and protect the victims. the oregon supreme court ruled the record should be released after an assistant scout master was convicted of sex abuse. >> you do not get to keep secrets about hidden dangers for children. period, end of conversation. that's what they did. it was wrong. >> in the past we didn't do the job we should have. and we're sorry for that, profoundly sorry. >> the files released today, only pertains to the oregon case and dement with the years 1965 through 1985, lawyers are pushing for the boy scouts to release all their documents. ween watt to tell you more about those documents. they contain so-called perversion files opened in 40 different bay area cities over the decades. the oldest case in san francisco dated back to 1957. the most rec
the carolinas up to maine. but they're not the only ones to feel sandy's impact. santiago sans us from the airport to show us how sandy could affect the airports here, as well. hello. >> hello. dealing with storms has been evolving over the last several years. airports and airlines have learned that preplanning and prestaging is something that's beneficial not only to passengers but to the industry, as well. now, airlines will be working with travelers. they're keeping an eye on the storm. they're determining the availability of flights and they're working on changing the structures of fares and fees for people who may have to change their travel plans. in some cases they're going to waive certain fees for changing flight plans. they're also trying to see what the major impact is going to be and which airports are going to be effected by the storm. then from there, try to reduce the amount of impact on their passengers. now, as for air travelers, the best thing they can do is stay informed not only as to what's happening with their flight, but also keeping up on when and where the stor
to help us try to solve this case. and particularly since king county was able to find suspects in the vehicle, that gives us even more of a lead than if we had found it parked on a street somewhere. >> reporter: now again, hercules police are not calling the husband and wife suspects in the homicide of susie ko, but they will question them as soon as they are able. we reached out to susie ko's family, and they tell us that they are emotionally exhausted, but that today's arrests bring them a small sense of relief. >> thank you so much, kris. >>> now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. for the very first time, the mayor of san jose sat done with the police union to discuss thorny issues of pays, morale and mention reform, and they did it in front of our cameras. that gathering happening during the taping of our weekly show "communida del valle." >> it's no denying that there is a rift between san jose city hall and the san jose police department. so i wanted to bring both sides together. >> reporter: for the first time since that rift began a couple of years ago, the may
unit. police have used rounds of beanbag and tear gas. it's believed the suspect is inside alone at this moment. traffic is being directed and diverted around the scene. we'll bring you the very latest as we get into it our newsroom. >>> now to decision 2012. just 22 days away, new polling data suggests that president obama is holding a slim lead nationally while mitt romney has pulled ahead in some key battleground states, including florida. but those numbers could change, especially after tomorrow night's second presidential debate. there is a lot at stake here. here is nbc's steve handelsman from washington. >> hello, everybody, hello, hello! >> reporter: president obama, whose last public break from debate camp was jed yed is being warned insiders say not to overcorrect and be too aggressive tomorrow night. at the town hall-style debate at hofstra university on long island -- >> yes, he needs to show he is tougher, yes, he needs to attack, but he doesn't want to come across as a bully. for mitt romney, the number one piece of advice that he is getting is to engage with these
an unimaginable loss yesterday. all of us at a cnbc and at nbc universal will be there for kev kevin, mar ina and their family. ida siegal, for nbc bay area news. >> ida, thank you. >>> another disturbing case, this time in the east bay. tonight two teenagers are behind bars, accused of robbing and killing a castro valley woman, then setting the woman's house on fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has more on the suspects and the alleged murder plot. >> barbara was one of the most special people that i ever met. and she was always, always there for anyone that needed her. and she was very loving. >> reporter: friends and family of 58-year-old barbar latiolais can't believe someone the castro valley woman and her boyfriend trusted and tried to help is one of the teenagers accused of killing her. >> there is some absolute evil out there. and these two are evil to do something like this. >> reporter: investigators announced this morning they arrested 18-year-old cody nicosia and a 16-year-old boy who was distantly related to the victim's boyfriend, a young man who did yard work for the couple an
to our website,, or follow us on facebook and twitter. >>> fill up and pay up. gas prices across the bay area spiked overnight, crossing the $5 a gallon mark. >> the big question is why. part of the blame is in the bay area. the recent richmond refinery fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us this evening in concord. not much of a choice for most of us, jodi. we rely on our cars. but when will these prices come down? >> reporter: that's anyone's guess. some actually think the prices may go up even more. rotten robbie here in concord had to raise their prices 24 cents in just a day, according to the owner. that is the biggest one-day jump they have ever had to make. and if you think the prices you see right here are bad, compared to other gas stations in the bay area, this may actually be a bargain. call it sticker shock. gas prices acrosshe bay area have reached near record highs. in some places, breaking the $5 mark. >> it's going to be $6 soon at the rate this is going. people can't afford, that even if you're wealthy. >> reporter: aaa's says pump prices in the bay
's official car is a chevy volt made in detroit. we invite you to stay with us on nbc bay area and over on our website at for our exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the giants' world series run that includes our partnership with comcast sports bay area. you get reaction immediately following the games. switch over to sports central live. kruk and kuip will be part of this postgame coverage. >>> if you are at the game, hopefully you have bundled up. we have a cold night on tap, and there is still a chance of rain in the forecast. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is in the nbc bay area weather center. >> cold temperatures. have i my lucky orange tie on. so go giants tonight. take a look at that doppler radar. we're getting very close to some rain activity. the heaviest rain has now pushed off here to the east. but we are still tracking a little bit of instability as we zoom into at&t park. you'll see as the doppler radar scans around, we currently have dry conditions. so what will this mean as we head into that first pitch and a little bit beyond? temperatures are expected in
hernandez joins us in vallejo this evening. jodi, what do we have tonight? >> reporter: raj, vallejo police say they fully expect to have the fbi and atf help in this investigation. they say evidence that they pulled from mayor osby davis' office has now been sent to an atf lab. meanwhile, the mayor is finally talking about what happened here. mayor osby davis talked to reporters about the arson fire for the first time this morning. he said he does believe the torching was political. while he would not elaborate on who he believes is behind it, he certainly has had plenty of critics through the years. he has most recently taken a lot of heat for a slew of officer-involved shootings. the mayor says whoever is responsible, he is determined not to let this steer him from his profession as a lawyer or from his duties as mayor. >> although i believe that the last criminal act is part of an escalating attempt to intimidate me, let me make it very, very clear. it has failed. i am not now nor will i ever be intimidated by such cowardly acts of vandalism or criminal conduct. >> reporter: and we are
mean, he's done a great job for us this year. and i don't know how many times we needed to win this year. he found a way to get it done. not quite, you know, the same game that he pitched tonight and what was at stake. >> he has been phenomenal for a long time. you know, i think even his last, like, i said before the game, 10, 12 starts, i feel like he's one every single time. you feed off of, you know, it's like he has like this really intense focus. >> given the stage and circumstances, was this the game of your life? >> yeah, it is. i mean, i pitched in one cf game and that was back in '06. it wasn't a good start for me. the most important thing for me is to do it in a giants uniform. one thing about how it's been in a as uniform but i'm more concerned about doing it in a giant's uniform. >> good to see barry zito back on track. hopefully the giants can stay on track once again. game six tomorrow at at&t park. first pitch is at 4:30. much more coming up later. >> that must win situation the fans don't seem to find it. they kind of like the torture, don't they, henry? >> hey
. >> a bunch of people wrote us off. but the guys let it all hang out, said, if we're going to go out, we're going to go out with glory. we're going to let it all hang out. guys did that and it paid off. >> it was a fight, we didn't make it easy on us, the last four innings. our staff came up with some big pitches when we needed to. it's a great feeling. this is a top one for me, being down 0-2 and seeing the resolve these guys had. >> we're a very good team, it shows in our play. man i'm proud of my team. got me again. >> you got me too. >> the one-two comeback in the books, and the a's working on one of their own in oakland. that's where we find kate longworth. >> reporter: bob melvin said this is a movie we've seen before. the a's coming back in dramatic fashion to keep all hopes alive. now they're faced with another do or die situation. the only thing really different, perhaps, is the fact that the a's are getting used to these situations and they've proven they can handle the intensity and pressure and go out there and get the job done. >> we've done it so many times there's always g
this country for four years. >> reporter: one issue is sure to be libya. four u.s. dead. the white house for days denying a terrorist attack. >> something terrible happened, and we have to find out what it was. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton saying blame her, not the president. and much of tonight's focus will be on the economy. roughly 80 uncommitted voters will make up the town hall and ask questions screened and selected by moderator candy crowley of cnn, who can ask follow-ups. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at hofstra university, hempstead, new york. >> thank you so much, steve. and you can watch the debate live from hofstra university right here on nbc bay area. coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. and coming up in a few minutes, our political analyst larry gerston will break down what to watch for in tonight's debate. >>> the recent terrorist attack in libya is of special significance here in the bay area. as we speak, thousands of people are coming together to remember the life of bay area native chris stevens. he was the ambassador who was killed in that attack. we have been st
:00 monday morning. it will be closed next weekend too. drivers can use the dumbarton bridge, the bay bridge or highway 237 as an alternate route. >>> decision 2012. 18 days left in the race for the white house, and it is tighter than ever. both candidates continue to focus on battleground states, and there is a new word in the political dictionary this evening. nbc bay area steve handelsman shows us. he is live in washington, d.c. with the latest for us. hey, steve. >> reporter: hi, jessica. thanks. good evening. you've got to believe behind closed doors neither of these presidential candidates are laughing a lot these days. this race is agonizingly close. but the president today in public was cracking people up. in northern virginia, president obama joked his opponent has a condition. >> i think it's called romnesia. >> accusing of mitt romney of swerving to the middle to trick women. >> i don't know anything about giving tax cuts to rich folks. take a impeach temperature, because you probably got romnesia. here is the good news. obama care covers preexisting conditions. >> reporter
role model. >> horrid. it's just horrid. it's just horrid. and i think they use the child to make us believe that he was just a guy out for a ride. >> reporter: donna johns is the one who alerted her community that a thief might be in their midst after finding empty boxes near her home. her neighbor placed a dummy box with dirty clothes to lure the suspect so he could catch him with surveillance equipment. on thursday say they arrested this man, 31-year-old manuel anthony ramirez as he was casing the neighborhood, toddler in tow. >> i guess that's something that maybe kind of shocks the conscience. >> reporter: officer albert morales said he thought he had seen it all in his 17 years as a cop until last week. he warns residents to be the officers' eyes and ears to help them nab suspected crooks. >> as we get closer to the holidays right now, i think this is very important information for the public to listen to and to understand that you have to be safe. >> reporter: morales says a toddler was a suspect's relative. officers returned the child to his family while they booked ramirez f
enrolling in the local school district using these forms, a doctors bill and a temporary license. >> they accepted the exact same documentation that i have now in the beginning of the school year there should be absolutely no difference. >> reporter: but the superintendent said there was a big difference at the end of september when return mail and another parent tipped her off that the edwards may not live at their apartment. the district sent out its residency officer. >> we actually have them do video surveillance and had them followed four days and four nights to make sure that we're actually doing our due diligence to make sure whether or not they are coming and going and living within the district. >> reporter: the edwards maintain they have lived in this small apartment, making do for the sake of the girls a her sister rents out their campbell house. they brought up the issue for residency only after they started pushing for classroom accommodations for the girls' nut allergies. >> this is a matter of a family lying about residency, and it happened at the same time, simult
know the president hoped for a safer, freer, and more prosperous middle east allayed with us. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> today's speech largely repackaged things romney has said before, but included a few specific ways he would change the president's approach. >> president obama fired back in an ad scheduled to run in virginia, which is a key battleground state. the ad portrays romney as reckless and amateurish during a trip to england, israel and poland. >>> how much you spending? these rising gas prices 50 cents higher in the past week alone. that costs you about $8 extra for every trip to the gas station. nbc bay area's stephanie trong joins us in oakland this evening. stephanie, gas prices and politics usually go hand in hand. what is the spin here? >> reporter: raj, it really depends on who you ask. if you ask the industry experts, they say the trend was already happening with the wholesale price. but other folks are saying it is politics. here at telegraph and 52nd in oakland, this valero is busy all day. now even with this trend, legislators say they have
is they'll have their own trucks that they're used to using every day. we're putting the trucks on flatbeds today. these trucks will literally nonstop. >> reporter: pge and others are expected to be in the area for at least three weeks. the california national guard has also been called in to help. airplanes, helicopters, and two specialized rescue teams, including the 129 rescue wing out of moffitt field have been mobilized. it's one of only thee of its kind in the country and will be taking the lead in rescue operations. so what can you do to help? so many people want to send supplies, but the red cross says in this case, cash is king. cash donations will help the most and will help immediately. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >>> well, new york is the financial capital of the world, but sandy has shut it down. until now, after two days of closure, the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will reopen tomorrow. it's the first weather-related shutdown in more than 25 years. in the meantime, the election is just one week away. polling places might have to be mov
to normal, not just at sfo, but all over the country. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us from the weather center with the latest on the massive storm. >> it is massive storm affect aing most of the northeast. in fact probably two-thirds of the eastern seaboard. and still in terms of wind speed, you're looking at a category 1 hurricane. we had wind of about 80 miles per hour there moving inland, right across the coast there of new jersey. and you can see from tuesday into wednesday, it's just going to kind of hold position. that's a problem for all the rain you see there, flooding rains are a problem. and look at that. snow to the west flank. hurricanes don't bring snow. so what is going on here? you have a hurricane that is literally right now turning into a classic nor'easter supercharged with tropical moisture. the warm core low now exiting the warm waters offshore of the eastern seaboard, now moving over land, pulling in that cold air from the north, which is going to keep the firepower for this storm going for the next 48 hours. some strong winds already recorded not too far away from
nationwide and used in the privacy of your own home with the results in just a half an hour. the oral swab test will help those who don't know if they're hiv positive. it looks for hiv antibodies in the body, and not exactly the virus itself. it also gives those who are reluctant to go to the doctor a way to check their hiv status at home. this is the same screening tool used by doctors in offices for the last ten years. and more recently, as a pilot program in some drug stores. the test costs about $40. >>> the rising gas prices may be slowing, but pump prices are still at a record high here in california. the aaa daily fuel gauge report says the average price of regular unleaded jumped just a fraction of a cent overnight, compared with nearly 50 cents in the past week. the state average is now at $4.67 a gallon, an all-time high for california. some good news, though, the fresno farm bureau doubts the high fuel cost will increase food prices. right now they're hoping gas and diesel prices will stabilize. if they don't, growers will probably just absorb the higher transportation costs so
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)